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Becoming a Better Driver by Practicing Healthy Habits

Living a healthy lifestyle and practicing good habits can make all of us better drivers. Being conscious of what we put in our bodies, the amount of sleep we receive and the way we focus on our daily commutes may even help us avoid accidents. Drive the right way, and you just might get to your destination safely. If you practice dangerous habits while out on the road, you may quickly find yourself in a tragic situation. Read on for information concerning ways to cultivate positive habits so you protect yourselves and those around you every time you get behind the wheel.  Get Your Eight Hours When you drive sleepy, you may unintentionally cause a serious accident. Even if you don’t fall asleep at the wheel, driving drowsy decreases your ability to make good decisions and slows your reaction time. Those most in danger of falling asleep at the wheel are third-shift workers, people who don’t get ... read more



NAPA Service Assistant-Tire Pressure Monitoring System

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NAPA Service Assistant-Air Conditioning

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NAPA Service Assistant Articles

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